• Financial Dictionary | Investopedia is a good general reference (although the paid content and ads. can be annoying), but cross check with other sources to ensure definitions are Robust and accurate.
  • Some of the Financial Times blogs are great sources of current information and discussion. Amongst these, Alphaville is a personal favourite.
  • Financial System Inquiry – official website for the Australian Government Inquiry which will “establish a direction for the future of Australia’s financial system.  The Inquiry will lay out a ‘blueprint’ for the financial system over the next decade.”  Please view the submission from Yours Truly.
  • FINSIA – the Australian Financial Services Institute. One of my professional affiliations.
  • Indices – links to a number of indices and index providers
  • IndexUniverse – the front end for various related industry publications is a good source of what is going on in index land.
  • ISDA – the International Swaps and Derivatives Association inc. This is the industry association for over the counter derivatives, and the standard source of documentation for those products. It is also the convenor of conferences, industry events and a source of information about current practice, regulation etc. ISDA is intricately involved in the evolution of new products and market developments (including the move towards more widespread central clearing).
  • Newsmap – An excellent heatmap representation of Google news flows. Although self perpetuating (the most popular articles occupy the most space which in turn makes them more likely to be read…), it is a good way to get a quick snapshot of what is hot.
    Also, a great use of visualisation. I am a fan of Newsmap creator Marcos Weskamp whose work can be viewed at
  • TED – Technology, Entertainment, Design. Not finance!
  • Zerohedge – a great source of information, written by insiders. Topical. Offers very good commentary on current financial events.
  • Amazon