On this page are links to a number of indices and index providers, both mainstrean, and somewhat lighthearted. These are not exhaustive:

And some more eclectic indices:

  • FBI Indices – various statistics including hate crimes, mortgage fraud and those killed or injured in the line of duty. Also the NICS Index for criminal background checks
  • The Empire State Vixens Index and the Hot Waitress Economic Index: Both touted as measures of economic health, based on the premise that there is an inverse relationship between the number of attractive people working in service jobs and economic health
  • The National (US!) Honesty Index – a lighthearted look at which cities and demographics are the most honest (with an advertising angle)
  • Index Notation in Mathematics
  • United Nations Human Development Indices – interesting demographic data
  • Deloittes Shadow Banking Index – An interesting concept which depicts the evolution of the shadow banking sector. The hypothesis is that increased regulation and increase in cost of capital and access to it through the traditional banking system is fueling growth of the shadow banking sector. The actual index is however actually lower at the end of 2011 than it was in 2004. It did blow out post GFC, but declined rapidly when the US government guaranteed (for 1 year) money market mutual funds. The composition of the index has changed significantly pre, and post GFC. Also, as noted by Deloitte, estimates of the size of the shadow banking sector vary widely according to different sources