Roger Cohen– Founded Portable Beta in November 2008 while he was living in the UK. He continues to provide services to a variety of banks, financial institutions and service providers in Europe. Having returned to Australia in late 2011, he has re-based Portable Beta in Sydney, and is growing a local presence.

Roger was part of the team who created Betashares, one of the leading providers of ETFs in Australia. Although independent, he continues to work in a consultative capacity with Betashares.

Roger has over 18 years experience in the financial industry. He started his career in the markets as a quantitative analyst at Macquarie Bank (Sydney) in 1993. He returned to Macquarie (London) some 16 years later, where he oversaw the build out of a global index swap trading capability.

In between, he spent 11 years at Deutsche Bank (Sydney and London), ultimately as Managing Director, running the EMEA index trading desk. He was involved from inception with Deutsche Bank’s highly successful db x-trackers ETF platform. Roger also worked at NatWest Markets in fixed income.

Prior to his career in the financial markets, Roger was an academic, lecturing in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering. He continues delivering ad-hoc lectures, now focused on finance.

Roger is fascinated with asymmetry, as source of inspiration, interest and opportunity, not only in finance, but in all aspects of life. He is also learning to play the guitar.

Roger has PhD and BE (hons1) degrees from the University of Sydney. He was a Fulbright Scholar in the US in 1988, and is a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australia.


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